Beauty Begins With Mirrors

Why Choose Mirrors?

  • A mirrored wall creates the illusion of space and visually expands a small room.

  • Mirrored walls can give your home gym a professional look and provide you with a tool for checking form and monitoring progress.

  • A mirrored wall can be used to reflect and amplify one of your home’s best features - such as a window with a stunning view.

  • Mirrored walls can brighten and dress up just about any space in your house!


​If you’re ready to cover a wall with mirror glass, team up with Canadian Home Supplies for the quality, expertise, and courteous service your project deserves. Our team can work with very large sheets of mirror glass, and we also provide small mirrors in stock and custom sizes. So whether you prefer a seamless mirrored wall or a tiled look, we can work with you to create the desired effect.


It’s important to work with trusted professionals when creating a mirrored wall because properly fitting mirrors are vital to the overall look. Many homes include small structural irregularities, and a gap between the mirror and the wall perpendicular to it will detract from the beauty of the space. To avoid this, we at Canadian home Supplies make a detailed inspection of the walls and take exact measurements. This data is then used to cut your mirrors to the exact dimensions needed for a proper fit.

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Custom Bath Mirrors

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Bevelled Mirror

Bevelled Mirrors

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Vanity Mirrors

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Gym Mirrors

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How does Mirror Installation work?

We can supply mirrors in non-standard shapes to meet your decorating needs, and we also offer mirrors that will fit just right even in rooms where surfaces are out of level or out of plumb. Choose from large or small, framed or unframed, polished edge or beveled edge! 


We want you to order mirrors that you will love, and to facilitate the decision-making process, we offer free in-home consultations.  One of our mirror experts will present options, provide information, address concerns, and take the necessary measurements for us to email you a free estimate.